Ever Feel Powerless? This Test Will PROVE You Are Immensely POWERFUL!


Fairly much all of us at just one time or a different feel powerless over our realities. If this is just one of all those situations for you, I really want you to do the experiment described on this website page, for if you do this examination, you will most surely come to notice you are significantly extra powerful than you give your self credit history for. And at the time you KNOW you are powerful, that offers you the ability to take superior control of your existence and your conditions.


It will blow your intellect and broaden your aware recognition and assist you remodel your existence into something even extra lovely. I did this examination early on in my aware discovering journey and it pretty much aided me completely modify my existence. The success of this examination aided me SEE & KNOW that my words, thoughts & intentions carry excellent energy to impact the planet all around me.

The late Dr. Masaru Emoto implies a simple experiment that clearly reveals us reveals us the energy of words, thoughts & intentions. It is a well-known rice examination. I did not have the imagined back again then to film the success of my possess examination, so at the stop of this publish is an case in point of another person else who did the examination in a comparable way.

This examination has been performed by me and by a amount of my buddies over the many years and we all have found comparable success.

This is how I did it.

YOU WILL Need to have:

  • 1 cup of rice.
  • two little jars (sealable)
  • 1 marker

Which is it.

Step 1: To do away with contaminants, boil the jars in a pot of hot water for a several minutes.

Step two: Cook the rice as you normally would.

Step 3: Fill both jars midway with the cooked rice and seal them shut.

Step 4: Using a marker, put a as well as indication on just one jar and a minus indication on the other.

Step five: Put both jars in the identical darkish put, but maintain them at minimum a pair of ft apart from just about every other.

Now you are ready to start out the examination.

As soon as a day, pull out and hold the jar with the minus indication on it and loathe that rice! I signify really loathe it as tough as you can! Give it every nasty term and imagined and sensation you can. Do this for 1 minute just about every day and put the jar back again. Then pull out and hold the jar with the as well as indication on it and adore that rice. I signify really adore it with all you obtained! Give it every kind term and imagined and sensation you can. Do this for 1 minute just about every day and put the jar back again.

Observe: DO NOT Open up THE JARS Through THIS Test.

A pair of months into start out to see a true variance in the two jars. A comprehensive 30 times into this examination and the variance will be incredibly apparent. The success I have found in my possess examination and in a lot of other people’s exams have been intellect-opening.

Loathe: The rice I hated for 1 minute just about every day molded much extra quickly and in a different way than the rice I loved for 1 minute just about every day. The hated rice was remaining eaten by darkish shades and it was slimy. It stunk true undesirable much too at the stop of the 30 times.

Love: The rice I loved for 1 minute just about every day grew a completely various kind of mold. It was gentle and fluffy and fuzzy looking. And it was comprehensive of colour! There were yellows and gentle greens and oranges and blues. It was fairly lovely really and it also had incredibly small odor.

I can explain to you, this really blew my intellect huge open. I had thought the words and thoughts we use held energy in this planet, but it was this examination that improved my ‘belief’ into Realizing.

Please… do this examination for your self. I imagine if every person did this examination, extra individuals would turn into consciously aware of the creative energy we carry in this planet. We are all excellent creators!!! If every person did this examination I am positive we would extra quickly collectively develop a extra tranquil and loving planet.

So you should, Attempt THIS AT Household! 🙂 This just one simple examination could critically alter your perception and your actuality endlessly.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says
“When you modify the way you glimpse at matters,
the matters you glimpse at modify.”

Prepared to make some significant modify in your existence?
Then do this experiment!!! Very seriously.
The come back again and go away a comment sharing your success.
Thank you

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