How to Find an Affordable Engagement Ring — Without Sacrificing Quality


The phrase very affordable engagement ring probably makes you believe of a good deal of points: odd lighting in malls, trays of equivalent-wanting rings, and maybe even your credit card bill. It does not precisely feel personalized or tailored to the man or woman specific enough to expend the rest of your lifestyle with — but it does not have to be that way.

Of course, you can hand-decide on your diamond and location and nonetheless wander absent with a stunning engagement ring that is very affordable and crafted to previous as long as your enjoy. It all will come down to knowing the approach, what to be expecting, and where makes the most perception to spend your hard-acquired dollars. And mainly because we want the engagement ring you pick to deliver a smile to your encounter and hers every single one day, we’re sharing precisely how to get the just one that is the best harmony of attractiveness and spending budget.

Very first points to start with: Vet your jewelers

diamonds for engagement rings

If you go straight for “affordable,” you’re heading to get some solutions where excellent is missing. That is why we counsel heading the other way. Start by vetting all of your solutions for excellent to make sure you’re receiving the most effective excellent product or service, no make any difference your engagement ring spending budget. (And, of course, you have to have just one of those — we’ll get there in a moment.) A good put to start off is examining that your jewelers can verify they’re all selling you natural, untreated diamonds and that all of their stones are independently qualified by a lab and arrive with a grading report.

There are four grading labs you are going to most likely hear about:

  • GIA: Gemological Institute of The usa
  • AGS: American Gem Culture
  • EGL: European Gemological Laboratory
  • IGI: International Gemological Institute

When each and every of these labs will grade diamonds for their reduce, clarity, colour, and carat fat (termed the 4Cs of diamonds), GIA is a nonprofit and the world’s leading authority on diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. They have the highest standards for grading and instruction. At With Clarity, we only use GIA qualified diamonds mainly because we know the grading experiences are stringent and reputable, and we can use them to enable our clients come across lovely stones.

But, for example, a stone rated as a G colour diamond by GIA could possibly not appear the exact as yet another rated as a G diamond by yet another corporation. Discover out which lab each and every of your solutions employs, and then do your homework about their status and experiences.

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And verify that they share those experiences

To make sure you’re receiving what you pay out for, usually verify that your jeweler makes these impartial grading experiences accessible to you in advance of you purchase. You ought to be equipped to see where your stone falls in each and every of the grading scales for the 4Cs of diamonds. Then do your exploration so you know what the report is telling you. Our instruction portion breaks each and every of them down in depth mainly because we want you to be equipped to examine your have stone. Just after all, your priorities for a lovely diamond could possibly be distinctive than your jewelers.

Make sure you know the normal rates

It’s no key that brick-and-mortar jewelers have to pay out for overhead — or that they move these cost on to the buyer. A person way to bypass this is buying on the net for your engagement ring. A different is to have an understanding of normal diamond rates so that you can get a rough strategy of how a lot overhead is receiving tacked on to your bill. Diamond rates can fluctuate, but cost ranges at specific dimensions can give you a great strategy of what to be expecting.

Go in knowing that distinctive diamond styles will cost distinctive amounts. Some styles, like round diamonds, sacrifice much more treasured rough product and as a result cost much more. You can use our chart below of the common rates for a 1 carat diamond of each and every form to give you a normal perception of the cost selection you’re wanting at.

diamond prices based on shapes

But you could possibly not be wanting at a 1 carat diamond, so you also have to have to know what to be expecting as that carat fat raises. These gemstones also never raise in cost at a established price — that signifies a two carat diamond is not basically double the cost of a 1 carat diamond. Greater, usable chunks of this treasured product are rarer, and that is what sets the cost. A two carat diamond is much more than twice as unusual as a 1 carat diamond, a three carat stone even much more so. Assume rates to raise exponentially as you think about bigger diamonds.
Set your spending budget and priorities ahead of time

We’re human beings just like you, so we know what other fees you have. Of course, proposals are fantastic, but you never have to blow as a result of your honeymoon fund or residence downpayment to get a ring that is fantastic, far too. Ahead of you start off buying, take a hard appear at your money, money obligations, and upcoming objectives. Then choose how a lot you feel at ease shelling out.

It could possibly enable to know that the common cost of an engagement ring in The usa hovers all-around $six,351, and that the sizing of the diamond in that engagement ring is a 1.two carat stone. There is a good deal of pressure to overspend mainly because of the symbolism at the rear of an engagement ring. You want to make her feel specific, we get it. But that does not imply you have to derail other long-time period objectives to do it.

Realize where your income is heading

It’s rarely surprising that the bulk of the cost of an engagement ring is that heart diamond — but maybe you never comprehend just how a lot. Options at With Clarity selection from just $250 all the way up to $3150 relying on the kind of treasured steel made use of and the sizing and quantity of accent diamonds adorning the band.

If you’re opting for a 1 carat diamond, the cost for a round diamond that is an outstanding reduce, G colour, and VS2 clarity hovers all-around $5300. The specifics for the diamond you have in head will fluctuate relying on its grading for the 4Cs and the form. But you can see how the diamond very easily outweighs the cost of the location, in particular if your beloved likes points uncomplicated. Keep this in head when budgeting. Our gemologists, for example, request our clients whether or not their spending budget is for the diamond alone or for the entire finished ring — make sure you know which of these your spending budget is for.

Pick your best priorities and cap it to 1 or two

Any person buying for a diamond on a spending budget is heading to have to strike a harmony amongst that quantity and the attractiveness of the stone. The great information is, you are going to nonetheless get a stunning diamond accomplishing this. You just have to make sure you know what your upcoming fiance’s precedence is, and funnel your income strategically to this diamond characteristic. A great way to do this is to come across out if she’s most concerned about her diamond becoming large (carat), white (colour), or apparent (clarity). We endorse by no means compromising on reduce, because this has the major outcome on how a lot your diamond sparkles.


Some of this will be impacted by what diamond form she likes. Emerald reduce diamonds, for example, are surging in attractiveness suitable now, and if your upcoming fiance loves them you are going to have to have to expend much more income on a increased clarity stone. That is mainly because the faceting (or faces of the stone) are more substantial and broader, so any blemish is much more noticeable. A round diamond, on the other hand, masks tiny inclusions quite properly but has other considerations of its have. Functioning with a gemologist can enable you figure out the particulars of her preference and where your dollars are most effective invested.

Discover some insider secrets

Of course, there are secrets to receiving an very affordable engagement ring. At With Clarity, our major worry is that you enjoy your ring, so our pro gemologists share these recommendations with many clients on the cell phone each and every day — and now we’re sharing them with you. In this article are just a several of the strategies you can see a reduce bill and nonetheless get a severely lovely ring.

Befriend fluorescence

Scorching take: Diamond fluorescence is not the enemy. In simple fact, it can be an ally if you’re buying for a stunning engagement ring on a spending budget. A person effortless way to conserve income on your diamond is to opt for a reduce colour grade stone. Selecting a diamond, for example, that is just out of the colorless selection — a G colour diamond as an alternative of an F colour diamond — can conserve you severe dollars. And you are going to conserve much more if you’re eager to think about an H or an I colour stone.

And that is where fluorescence will come in. There is a unpleasant rumor heading all-around that fluorescence impacts how your stone sparkles. And though technically that can be true, the GIA done an impartial study and identified that this only takes place in much less than 1% of diamonds. Most of the time, Medium or Solid fluorescence can make your stone appear just one colour grade whiter. And because most men and women stay clear of fluorescence mainly because of its unfair status, this drives down the cost even further more.

Fudge the quantities

People today genuinely care about the sizing of their heart diamonds, as we’re sure you know. It’s a level of satisfaction to have a 1 or two carat diamond, but it will cost you much more just to be equipped to say you have a stone that weighs in at this round quantity. The real truth of the make any difference is that most men and women simply cannot inform the variation amongst a diamond that is .ninety five carat and just one that is a full 1.00 carat stone — but you are going to sure be equipped to identify the variation in cost.

shape price by carat weight

Diamonds that tumble just below these “critical weights” are termed “off sizing diamonds,” and they can conserve you some severe income. There is just one catch, although. Diamond cutters know that the round quantities get increased rates, so they attempt to make sure to make stones these sizing. It can take a small searching to come across an off sizing diamond, but it’s properly value your time. And some businesses, like With Clarity, have on-staff professionals that will enable you do the searching to reduce down the time and hard work on your element.

Insert much more diamonds

Take into account a location with much more diamonds and you could possibly essentially pay out much less. A halo location, which wraps your heart diamond in a glittering ring of accent stones, creates an optical illusion that you and your bride-to-be will enjoy: It makes your central stone appear bigger by up to a 50 % carat. Don’t forget what we explained about bigger diamonds becoming rarer? Considering that a halo engagement ring employs smaller stones for this element, it expenditures appreciably much less income than purchasing the more substantial diamond even although you’re paying out for much more diamonds.

Shell out for what you can see

affordable engagement ring

It’s only natural to want your engagement ring to appear lovely. But it’s useful to have an understanding of the differences in how a gemologist inspects diamonds and how she’ll see it on her hand day to day. Gemologists use specific lighting and magnification to grade each and every stone — ailments in which it’s quite unlikely you are going to ever see the diamond you’re purchasing. And at a specific level, it’s hard if not impossible for the bare eye to see the differences amongst grades. The large variation will only be seen in the cost tag.

Clarity is not the only just one of the 4Cs where this takes place, but it’s a great example. Of course, a flawless diamond is the only just one without having any inclusions on the within or outdoors of the stone. But you are going to come across no eye-seen inclusions in VVS2 diamonds, which sit a few grades and hundreds of dollars reduce. Obtaining an very affordable engagement ring that is also lovely quite normally will come down to inquiring you if you can essentially see the variation. If not, why pay out for it?

[Perhaps embed diamond colour matching recreation right here]

Check out for additional worth services

The actual ring could possibly not be the only cost right here, although, and as a result not the only put to conserve income. Ahead of making your obtain, verify on some of the more services your jeweler delivers and the costs affiliated with them. It’s hard, for example, to get her ring sizing precisely suitable when you want your proposal to be a complete shock. So you could possibly want to pick a enterprise like With Clarity that delivers complimentary resizing inside a specific time body after your obtain.

It can also enable to believe about down-the-highway expenditures of your ring to see where you can conserve. White gold is the most common treasured steel for engagement rings, but the rhodium plating that retains it that icy white colour at some point wears off and desires to be reapplied. With Clarity delivers free of charge dipping, the approach of reapplying this coating, for a lifetime to assure your ring stays lovely — and any jeweler you go with probably ought to, far too.

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