Today Is The 8-8 Lionsgate Activation — Get Ready For The Greatest Energy Shift Of 2019!


For a very long time, the Lionsgate Portal is considered as the gateway into the heavens, as well as into bigger realms of consciousness. In the course of this period, bigger frequency energies from the star Sirius are beamed down on the earth Earth, to assist progress the human race, as well as increase consciousness of the earth.

Each and every 12 months, on the eightth of August, when the Solar, the star Sirius, and the Earth shift to some precise points in the sky, the Lionsgate Portal is activated.

At the time of this even occurring, it is a lot easier to accessibility bigger realms, as well as obtain downloads from angels, messengers, and your cherished ones from the other side. Also, it is a favorable time for healing deep seeded wounds, as well as opening equally the heart chakra and third eye.

But, what really is occurring in the cosmos which permits us to encounter this?

The Lionsgate Portal consists of a few important players, and they are the Solar, the Earth, and the star Sirius.

For a very long time, the star Sirius is regarded as our “Spiritual Solar,” and it is revered by a large amount of historic cultures as a put for bigger consciousness. It is also considered that bigger frequency beings inhabit Sirius and that is the house of the purest variety of love.

A large amount of historic Shamanic tribes also considered that Sirius is the gateway to heaven and that our souls go there after we depart from our actual physical bodies.

Also, Sirius is considered to be significantly a lot more technologically superior than Earth, and a large amount of Starseeds that have reminiscences of originating from Sirius, assert that they have accessibility to technologies which are not even shut to currently being found out on the earth.

Even though Lionsgate takes place on the eightth of August, it really established in movement in July. On the 4th of July, the strength of the solar and Sirius align. Now, equally of these stars are very significantly away, but on the lookout up at the sky, it seems to be like they merge into just one one more.

The merging of their energies has been as very auspicious and was considered a time the place our Solar would fuse with the strength of Sirius to update its strength, as well as its degree of frequency.

For the whole thirty day period of July, the ancients watched our Solar get swallowed by the outstanding Sirius, and it has also been considered at this time that our Solar skilled a variety of “death.”

The ancients watched as these two heavenly bodies would appear as just one, and would also question what secrets and techniques and messages Sirius would be whispering to the Solar.

In the course of the very first 7 days of August, the star Sirius and the Solar would increase once more as different stars.

This was an auspicious time, and it also represented a grand rebirth and the opening of the Lionsgate portal.

Sirius would also align in the belt of Orion, the Solar would be in the constellation of the sing of Leo, from which will come the name Lionsgate, and alongside one another the actual physical Solar, as well as the spiritual Solar would beam down on to the Earth, activating these bigger frequencies.

Even though the growing of Sirius and the Solar takes place for the duration of the very first 7 days of the thirty day period, the eightth of August is still considered as the most auspicious and the most important day of this portal, as it is when the Solar and the earth Earth align immediately opposite every single other.

It is really this opposition which permits our new child Solar, which was bathed in the glorious Sirian strength to send out higher-frequency beams immediately to the Earth. Such higher frequencies can really make it a lot easier for the inhabitants of the earth Earth to obtain updates, updates, downloads, as well as bigger knowledge and understanding.

Such higher-frequency strength can be primarily obtained through the heart chakra and the third eye. It is frequent around the period of the Lionsgate Portal to obtain some heart healings, heart openings, as well as third-eye awakenings.

As this strength can be very easily accessed, doing some rituals and working on your heart and third eye chakras can be specially powerful and potent.

It is a impressive time to do launch get the job done, as well as to assist cleanse away any blockages which may possibly be current.

Even though the heart and the third eye chakras are generally activated for the duration of this period, it seems to be like the chakra at the again of our neck is also likely to be activated.

Cerebellum Chakra is the name of the minimal-regarded chakra, and it is extremely sensitive to psychic energies, as well as empathic energies. Commonly, empaths are on the increase of earth Earth, and this is only since we are desperately in want of a lot more love, empathy, compassion, as well as being familiar with.

Each and every just one of us lives in a planet the place showing empathy is not generally encouraged, but if the Sirian waves can explain to us just about anything, it is that love reigns supreme. In actuality, love is the only thing that is authentic and the only thing that is left when we strip the ego bare.

Loving is anything which is definitely about accepting just one one more, and trusting that though we may possibly have some different values, as well as different techniques of life, we are all in this article on our special journey and we are all in this article to train, as well as showing every single other the way.

Loving is not about allowing yourself to come to be a doormat or tolerating negative behavior, but it is really about acknowledging, as well as accepting folks for precisely who they are. It is about accepting without judgment, and it is also about observing that there is so significantly a lot more to all of us than just what we see.

We are all the identical, we are all created of the identical thing, and we are all likely to return to the identical put. Each and every just one of us was picked to be born on Earth to assist the earth, our fellow people, and also to recall that though we are regularly distracted by our variations, we are all the identical.

We are all in this article for just one special journey – the journey to come across love, to come across ourselves, as well as depart this earth in greater shape than when we located it.

We are not supposed to do just about anything heroic, we do not have to sail the 7 seas, but all we have to do is come across our way to the reality. For when we arrive at the seed of reality which lives within and crack it open up, all we are likely to come across is love.

At the time of the Lionsgate Portal, you should really shield your Cerebellum Chakra by cleansing it day by day. In buy to do this, you should really merely allow heat h2o to hit the again of your neck, as well as repeat the adhering to mantra or write your individual:

It is protected for me to open up my heart, and it is protected for me to see through my eye. It is protected for me to lean into all that I really feel. For when I do, I come across my toughness, I come across my reality, and I come across what I am guided to do.

Also, it is recommended to meditate for the duration of this period, in buy to assist open up, as well as obtain any intuitive messages and insights.

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